Enjoying your freedom as the owner/manager of a project-based business, depends on overcoming the very particular challenges it presents.  Such as:

The size & profitability of your company relies on your leadership, developing client relationships, project complexity & how many you can manage at any one time. 

The bigger your business grows the more demanding it gets, impacting the time you can spend on the flagship work for exciting clients.

Projects come along like buses: all at once or with long intervals. That means juggling freelancers you can trust with your permanent people is the way you resource the varying frequency & scale of projects.

It is challenging to deliver continuity of service & keep control of client relationships when using the combination of permanent & contract personnel.

A growing reputation means new business is rolling in, yet it’s essential that you stay involved in the projects to ensure your brand & values are upheld in every one.

Your admin efficiency impacts how often you get home on time to the things you love & could allow you more time to be incredible for your clients.

If in your vision for your future, you see yourself stepping back sometime (a yacht, a beach, a house in the country?) how do all the late nights, stress & skill retain their value without you?

Having a useable plan for your life and business is what you want for scaling up sustainably & achieving the value that supports your vision of the future. 

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