Questions are the currency of coaching, & actions are its product. As a catalyst, I facilitate your vision & the development of a strategy, plan, goals & the actions that can realise that vision faster than you would without one. 

Here are some free questions to make you wonder.

Product – to what extent are your products & services differentiated according to your values, such that your customers & clients are compelled to buy them?

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Replicability – how can you consistently repeat & improve the way you deliver bespoke solutions so that more of the market can benefit from them?

Market – who is your ideal customer, the ones who genuinely value your skill & application versus those who want you to make up the numbers in the proposal process?

Story – how confident are you promoting your unique perspective on what you offer?  How is a lack of confidence a barrier to providing comment on the market as you see it?

Route to market – where will you find your ideal customers & what do they want to hear from you?

Financials – how are you planning your finances in to be able to support your chosen growth strategy?

Team – What’s the optimum number & mix of people required to achieve your vision for growth?  Who is accountable for what?

Tech & Processes - how can the technology and processes allow more people to deliver more according to your core values?

Vision – what do you see in the future for you & your business; what do you want to look back on from your lounger in the sun?

Mission – what’s the impact your business will have on the world when it succeeds?

Purpose – what’s your “why”?

Values – what’s important, what’s important to you & what’s important about the way you do business?

Value – in what ways are you building long-term value from your success?

I stimulate new perspectives and spark actions you can take today, to achieve the vision you see for your business in your future.


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