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What do Cupcakes tell us about Social Media?

Why did “Cupcakes! come to mind whilst chewing on scrambled eggs and smoked salmon at breakfast with Creative Bath.

Well, the question for discussion at breakfast was: Social media and marketing: have we reached 'peak social'?

When the Great British Bake Off was in its heyday, suddenly everyone wanted to have the humble cupcake and a swarm of businesses emerged to satisfy for this bubble of demand.

I liken these to the Social Media Marketing market, because Cupcake businesses are a euphemism for those that have a low cost of entry, are easily accessible to anyone and everyone, are simple to get started (at home too!) and attract an eclectic multitude of participants.

Inevitably, some of the entrants into the “cupcake” market are “pretenders”, hungry for the margins over the low cost of production, and some are enthusiastic bakers wanting to spend all their time baking the best cupcakes (everyone says my cupcakes are fantastic).

Yet without a serious attempt to create a sustainable business, neither are looking at success in the long term. It takes a professional outlook to be noticed in any crowded market and be known for more than producing cheap goods (i.e. information in Social Media terms) and being skilled at making a good product (i.e. Content). When the market consolidates or reaches a “peak”, the cupcake survivors do very nicely, while the “tourists” are left with the bowl to lick.

Social Media Marketing is showing all the signs of consolidating. The purveyors of fake news and information, the surreptitiously paid influencers and the deafening amount of noise generated by so many (so-called) content creators, appear to be on the wane. Our trust in, and discernment of, great content, is developing and the professionals are learning how to use data to differentiate their content and which channels are best to use to get their client’s product to market.

Perhaps we’ve reached the “peak” for the “have-a-go” influencer or the haphazard self-publisher with access to the world’s biggest megaphone with nothing consistent to say about no particular topic. One thing is for sure: peak or no peak, with Social Media an established channel, the opportunity is enormous for expert agencies who invest time, energy and resources into knowing more and more about what measurably engages customers with serious cupcake businesses – beyond their great cupcakes.

Thanks Creative Bath for the stimulating discussion...and of course the scrambled eggs!

Thanks Creative Bath for the stimulating discussion...and of course the scrambled eggs!


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